Unfounded Claims? Lying to the public or just ill-informed?

One of the other darlings of Rik is a certain Dave Smith from Dinnington (His leaflet at the bottom). Now this illustrious chappy has once again thrown his hat in to the ring for the forthcoming elections even though he has always been thrashed quite comprehensively each time in the past.

Since Rik has very kindly posted Mr Smith’s election leaflet on his comic blog, we think its appropriate to take a close look at the claims he makes.

Apart from the usual rants……..he makes two stupid statements. The first about RMBC sacking thousands of workers. This is simply NOT true and if he knew anything about local government or even bothered to ask the Council (like we did)…. he would have been informed that the Council hasn’t sacked thousands of staff but the overwhelming majority have left on a voluntary basis.

The second and  even more stupid statement he makes is that the Council can say no to the cuts being imposed by national Government! This takes stupidity to the next level. He is either willingly lying to the public about this or really is that ill-informed….either way….it is irresponsible! If the Council were to set what would be an illegal budget, the government would send in a intervention team of Whitehall civil servants to take over the running of the Council, which would mean that people with absolutely no connection to our town would slash and burn local services without any  local input or representation. In fact contrary to the ratings of Dave Smith that would be the ultimate cowardly act.

My sources tell me this was explained to Mr Smith at a recent consultation event but unfortunately he is still espousing his loony leftist drivel.

Be warned noble people of Dinnington……Dave Smith is completely off his rocker. If people like him were in charge of the Council, they would bankrupt our Town.

If anybody wishes to contribute more to this then please feel welcome to do so or if Dave Smith wishes to explain his unfounded claims further then please feel free to do so.




5 thoughts on “Unfounded Claims? Lying to the public or just ill-informed?

  1. Dinno Resident

    I was at the event where he was ranting and raving at the ward Councillors and the 2 Cabinet members.

    I was so pleased when Cllr Akhtar put him in his place by very calmly explaining why it would be a deriliction of duty to set an illegal budget.

    He was also told by the same Councillor that the event was for users of the Children’s Centre to ask questions and seek info about the options available if the centre was closed.

    Apparently Dave Smith interpreted that as “bullying” well let me tell you what’s bullying and it’s Dave Smith bawling and shouting at our Parish Council meetings. He is an absolute disgrace the way he takes to our 3 ward Coubcillors, especially when 2 of them are women who look visibly shaken when he launches his diatribes.

  2. rothpolt2 Post author

    i think you’ve just took the hammer and hit the nail on the head there! I have heard something of the similar in regards to his bully boy tactics towards Cllr Falvey and Havenhand. And then he was addressed and his behavior pointed out he went off running to the on who must not be named………Lord Rikormort…and gave him a total distorted and spun version of events to post on his blog….oh…..and all his minions all lapped it up like a cat to milk!

  3. Dinno Resident

    Oh dear oh dear, looks like this blog is sending the moon howlers in to a frenzy.

    As far as describing the loony Dave Smith as straight talking, I have seen more straight talking from a donkey’s backside.

    Smithy must think we were all born under a banana tree if he thinks he can fool us in Dinnington with his bullshit.

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