Kazoku Karate.

We have been inundated with e mails from people angry at the disgusting attacks on Kazoku Karate club.

We are told there is absolutely not a a shred of truth to the allegations of racism by the Instructors. The clearest evidence being the make up of the classes which include many children from the Pakistani heritage families.

The attacks on the Deputy Mayor Cllr Barry Dodson are even more disgusting. And as to calling him a racist its like calling the Dalai lama a war monger. The kids in Eastwood and East Dene call him Baba Barry.

Apparently there is a petty dispute over parking around the Kazoku Karate Centre and the grandson of a local slum landlord Abdul Ghani has enlisted the help of Tricky Dickey to throw mud at the club and Barry Dodson.


2 thoughts on “Kazoku Karate.

  1. Younis

    I fully endorse this post. I have 3 children who all go the classes at the Karate club. They have taught my kids respect, concentration and improved their behaviour immensely. All the Instructors are very patient and consummate professionals.

    I would never send my kids to a place if there was even a hint of racist behaviour either by instructors or other students.


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