Some questions for Rotherham Politics?

So according to some anonymous mongrel……This blog is of scab status (see here: ).

The sheer hypocrisy. And according to IRA fantasist Paddy J Cawkwell on the Twitter, this blog is pro Labour. Some very quick notes to refute this scripted indoctrination……How can this be a pro-labour blog when there has been articles attacking Labour and their Cllrs. Is it maybe because I haven’t targeted Aisan Cllrs, valid point….my answer……as my slogan states; giving you the other side of the story, I aim to give you something fresh. So it would appear that I shall not get the blessing of the hypocrites (not all but you know the type) unless I join in on their islamaphobic crusade. The situation is this; Rothpol has a monopoly on news and discussion on politics in rotherham……and well done to him as he has made the blog of a good standard, however, like Rupert Murdoch, his monopoly has turned into bias and attracted a lot of dipsticks.

It only makes one wonder why Rik has let himself slip like this, the personal hatred thing or has the mighty crusader fell to influence?

Why has so called socialist Paddy Cawkwell took an oath to this blog when not so long ago he was teased off the blog in a bully like school manner?

Why do UKIP fantasists like Colin Tawn, Rob Sanderson, John Wilkinson and Caven (Muslamic rayguns) Vines have a monopoly on the blog and bully others who don’t conform to their view of the world. I.E. Robyn Symonds was bullied last night by Rothpol and the Daily Mail brigrade for offering a reasoned argument which rothpol has done a full 360 degrees turn on(see here: and here ).

Why are immigrant hating individuals like Malcontent allowed to share bile on the blog (now probably censored as this was addressed earlier on the said blog). Oh Mr Tony Richardson……If the Weather was only shiny as your head.

Who knows? Anyone’s guess!


13 thoughts on “Some questions for Rotherham Politics?

  1. Colin

    Well well, it would appear you have upset the loonies and fruit cakes who frequent Rik’s crazy comic. I loved Robyn reminding Rik about what he had said about the deal between BNP and UKIP.

    Keep up the great work, clearly you’re making an impact with all the moon howlers going potty over your posts.

    You are absolutely spot on with your observations of Tony Richardson, he is a vile individual who is always spewing his racist bile at every opportunity. I understand everybody hates him on the estate where he lives. He is well know in the area as someone who sticks his nose in to other people’s business. In fact he was forced to remove a CCTV camera from outside his house because the neighbours were concerned that he was pointing it at their bedrooms.

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      They don’t like the uncomfortable observations……They are used to conformity and appear to dislike an alternative view. More so, they seem to resort to ill-thought attacks as they are not used to anyone challenging them and are unable to debate on a civil and fair platform.

      As regards to Malcontent………deary oh deary me…..the whole mans being seems to be a dire situation!

  2. communitychampion

    IRA fantasy or whatever you said about me is frankly wrong – you know it and I know it. Your promotion of division in Northern Ireland is only a matter you can resolve in your own soul. I hope you do cause its boring.

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      Peace in Northern Ireland is fully supported and backed by rothpolt2 but with the belief that that won’t be achieved from violent groups on the republican or loyalist side. Can you, in the depths of your heart, say that this is the case for you too?

      1. communitychampion

        It is obviously not backed by you, your supporters or indeed your alter-ego, Cllr Akhtar.

        The problem you have my friend, with so little knowledge of the issues and what I said, is you appear to have grown your own version of events – which is fine.

        You can support the UVF, OO, UDA and all the rest of the terrorists but I say this – turn your back on the racism and anti-Catholic hate, turn back to humanity and realise that peace, real peace, can and will be achieved by people laying down their guns, bombs and bullets.

        I have never changed my view – I have always been anti-death brought about by mankind. You distort that and you do so to attract your own little gang of supporters for your own reasons.

        The time for peace is NOW.

      2. rothpolt2 Post author

        Paddy……It is supported by by rothpolt2. And you have to be more original than that rothpol indoctrination attitude….you know…..Cllr Akhtar is to blame for world poverty, global financial crisis etc. Much closer to home than you realise Patrick!

  3. Flint

    Hey is this the same chap who was called the Conisbro Canary by Rothpol ? How the rats seem to have assembled in the same sewer.

  4. rothpolt2 Post author

    Yes Flint it is, although our friend Paddy seems to have miraculously forgot the whole thing or is willingly forgetting it in order to ‘hang around with the big boys’!


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