The good old Reverend and his munchkins! A lesson in Reading.

So……It seems the Reverend Simon Copley read this blog yesterday and the strongest criticism that he could muster up was the below comment:

By the way – I can’t see how a UKIP leaflet referring to 26 million people wanting our jobs and 75% of our laws being made in Brussels can be construed as “racist” – it doesn’t say 26 million black or Chinese (or any other ethnic group) nor mention any nationality including Belgians (who may be the major nationality living in Brussels). “Xenophobic” or “nationalist” maybe but definitely not racist. Hard to get proper debate going when the simplest terms leave people floundering. Seems that we on this blog site are not the only brain dead political commentators! “Ciao, au revoir, tag”, from one of your unfriendly-neighbourhood, closet right-wing, fruitcake racist.

Wait….what is that i hear…the sound of tea being spurted out at the sincere ridiculousness of this ill-read and ill-thought comment. Basically, The good old Rev, in his little pretty little middle England village accuses us of accusing UKIP of being racist on our earlier post and then his munchkins all pile in below his comments and second, third, fourth and fifth this accusation. But if the good Old rev could for a second put down his daily express and batternberg cake he would realise the whole article is a Sky news article. So take this up with sky news for using the ‘R’ word your holiness. For the record UKIP are xenophobic, Misogynistic and homophobic.


3 thoughts on “The good old Reverend and his munchkins! A lesson in Reading.

  1. Colin Tawn

    Bless our Rev. I think he should stick to preaching in the Church. Clear evidence if one was needed for the separation of state and church.

  2. revsimcopev

    Oh dear oh dear, I haven’t a clue where the original comment came from (Sky or Rothpol2 or whatever) – That’s quite irrelevant. You seem to have logic problems: you put comments up then criticise people for commenting on them because they are not your original comments! Impossible to argue with that density of casuistry. If you don’t want people to make a comment on an opinion then don’t put it on your blog!! I just know and commented on what it said: that a UKIP poster was racist when it most definitely wasn’t, whatever UKIP may be (I don’t support them). The use of the word “racist” in this context was based on a misunderstanding of the simplest terms. Race refers to a person’s ethnicity, xenophobia refers to the fact they are foreign (and of any race). I tend to comment on ideas and the words not the personalities, you see. Sorry if these terms and rules of argument are beyond you, Rothpol2! By the way, I don’t read the Express, eat any kind of cake and I am a non conformist therefore already separated from the state, Colin!! You should know that before spouting yourself! In my experience, it is usually the last resort of people whose consciences are uneasy to tell the church not to be involved in politics and “stick to preaching in church” (usually Tories funnily enough, how do they sleep at night?). We would still have legalized slavery and the welfare state and many food banks, schools and hospitals would never have got started if we had followed their advice! Thankfully we didn’t…So you will have to be a lot more patronising to shut me up!!


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