The extraordinary case of the leaflet full of bile and selective scrutiny?

So……The other day Rothpol published a article labelled ‘the battle for Wickersley’ which had a copy of the UKIP candidate’s leaflet. This can be seen here:

And today Rothpol has kindly set out a ward by ward coverage of the elections…….supplying links; listed by ward name, ultimately giving an informative overview of the election field in each ward…..well done on him for this as it is a good tool for all interested as well as neat journalistic skills.

However, if one is to click on the Wickersley ward link; one would be greeted by the election material of Brian cutts (UKIP) and Cllr Sue Ellis (Lab). This is no problem as both leaflets have been given scrutiny or at least recognition in earlier post on rothpol. But what also lies in the Wickersly link is another leaflet from Brian Cutts (UKIP) which is quite surprising and full of bile in my own opinion. Obviously others might think different but have a look (at the bottom). Has he got a chip on his shoulder to do with the LGBT, Muslim and immigrant communities? It is certainly open to question!





3 thoughts on “The extraordinary case of the leaflet full of bile and selective scrutiny?

  1. Colin

    A Councillor I know tells me Mr Cutts had a very unhealthy obsession with a number of widows. Apparently there were about 7/8 widows that he used to help (sic).

    I understand there were some concerns about his relationship with them on safeguarding grounds.

  2. rothpolt2

    Very interesting Colin, thank you for contributing. A source I know of that used to work closely with Mr Cutts has been known to say something similar to this. There seems to be a trend occurring here, if any one else wishes to contribute and help build on this the please feel free to do so.


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