Pole dancing or pole climbing? The peculiar case of Cllr Hoddinott and the greasy pole.

There are questions that are as old as time. To be or not to be? What is the purpose of life? Is there life after death? Who the hell is Emma Hoddinott?

Anyone who follows local politics here knows of Cllr Hoddinott but questions still remain as the Cllr was not on the radar before her election two years ago. A careerist not from Rotherham or South Yorkshire parachuted in for a nice cosy, relatively safe vacant seat? if you delve deeper you can find out that Cllr Hoddinott is the epitome of a political careerist. A game plan that includes having fingers in many pies i.e. Labour party, Co-op Party and Trade union (Union official).

This Cllr has been climbing the greasy pole for some time now…….being a elected a Cllr for Beverley Town, mayoress, General election candidate, European parliament candidate and now Rotherham Borough Cllr (Not to mention the cushy Trade union job). Source: http://emmahoddinott.com/?page_id=10

But it seems the agenda doesn’t stop here ladies and gentleman. It appears that Cllr Hoddinott is already eyeing up possible constituencies to get her self further up that greasy pole. This exchange was shared on Rotherham politics……well spotted Ricardo.


Cllr hoddinott appears to have thrown her hat in for the Heeley seat in neigbouring Sheffield. A all womens short list. And no one knows the other CLP’s this motivated individual is scraping her silver knife and fork at. So it would appear that Wickersley and therefore Rotherham is just a pit stop for now…….until the opportunity to climb the greasy pole further arises. This leaves me with two questions for Cllr Hoddinott:

  1. What are your true intentions and do you intend on becoming an MP?
  2. How many real jobs have you had? (excludes political jobs i.e. elected positions and Trade Union work)

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