Hoorrah the BNP seem to be dead but intentions of division might not be.

The BNP have failed to field a single candidate this year and even dear old Marlene is nowhere to be seen. The Green light is on for UKIP. However…….what i’d like to observe is the Respect party. A party who has lost five great Cllrs, Kate Hudson and the superb Salma Yaqoob. I suppose it’s basically the cult of personality…..a one man band…..George Galloway appreciation society? Who knows. This is not scrutiny on the two Rotherham Respect party candidates in Rotherham but more of a posing question. Why would you two lovely young ladies want to stand for a party that has been in turmoil, walkouts by great socialists and feminists? Honestly, with greatest respect i am intrigued.

But that aside, the respect party in general is renowned for dirty tricks campaigns wherever they go, they had it in Tower Hamlets, Bradford and even here in Rotherham. That must be more than a coincidence?

Whilst being nowhere as bad as the BNP……The Respect Party uses similar divide and rule tactics which is not wanted by the majority. Here is a good article that explains this a lot better than I could:

Shiraz Socialist

The best news of the election has been that two communalist and thoroughly reactionary outfits, the BNP and ‘Respect’ and their leading members Nick Griffin and George Galloway, have been routed.

Griffin and the BNP were widely expected to challenge hard for victory in Barking against Labour’s Margaret Hodge. In the event, the BNP ‘s chubby Fuhrer was beaten into third place. Hodge won with 24,628 votes, distantly followed by the Tory’s Simon Marcus with 8,073. Griffin limped in third with just 6,620. Hodge (not usually a particularly inspiring speaker) caught the mood perfectly when she said: “The message from Barking to the BNP is clear – get out and stay out. You’re not wanted here, and your vile politics have no place in British democracy. Tomorrow you’re going to lose councillors and tomorrow we’re giving you a clear message – pack your bags and go.”

George Galloway
Licking their wounds: George Galloway did…

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2 thoughts on “Hoorrah the BNP seem to be dead but intentions of division might not be.

  1. Colin

    You are absolutely right not to engage in personal attacks on individuals in office or seeking office. You should leave that to that cretin Rik and his band of moon howlers.

    But you do make salient points about Respect. Who are more of a cult than a political movement. Let’s just look at the evidence, the enigmatic Salma Yaqoo, a fierce civil rights campaigner was hounded out by the mysogynistic behaviour of Galloway’s henchmen and then we have not one but all 5 Respect Councillors in Bradford being booted out for daring to ask Galloway to spend more time helping people in Bradford than swanning off to all the corners of world promoting himself.

    Don’t forget Galloway’s appalling view on rape when he called it ” bad sexual etiquette ” he further said ” Not everybody needs to be asked prior to each insertion”

    So I too am intrigued as to why a couple of well educated young women would associate themselves with the DisRespect Party.

  2. rothpolt2

    Very valid points Colin. It’s that behavior that has been so evidently shown towards women in the party that makes one wonder why two young charming women want to follow up that littered path. Who is to know?


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