Equality of uselessness! Poor old Wickersley!

Massive news! Someone call Ripley’s believe it or not or the Guinness world records because a bizarre phenomenon has occurred in the Wickersley ward. The fine and delicate balance between uselessness and delusional has been achieved for the first time ever since records began. This is because all three candidates are as useful as constipation!

First of all there is Alex Walker for the Conservative party……Not a hard one, why would anyone in the borough want t vote for the Tories when their party has lead an assault on our living standards and huge disproportionate cuts to our council compared to the South. ????? Yes no reason at all to vote for them.

Secondly we Have the infamous Brian Cutts, ex-Tory Cllr for Hellaby ward. It is well known or suspected that poor Brian is short of a marble or two an has more delusional ramblings than Godfrey Bloom. The man has nothing to offer the Wickersley ward. My sister who lives inside the ward tells me that many residents are well aware that UKIP have offered them a fully pledged Thatcherite for this year’s elections. Brian’s leaflet below:


And lastly we have the incumbent….Cllr Sue Ellis. Now I don’t know Cllr Sue Ellis that well but My sister and some of her constituents as well as a Wickerlsey ward Labour member have all informed me about Cllr Sue Ellis and her fellow Musketeers, for that is what they are known by….the three musketeers (Wickersley ward Cllrs). And the consensus is that, contradictory to her leaflet, Cllr Sue Ellis and the musketeers only show their faces when it is election time, Labour party conference, photo opportunity, free press coverage or to collect an MP application for for vacant constituencies. Cllr Ellis’s leaflet below:


Oh noble people of wickersley, how I pity thee so!



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