Don’t mention the Big white elephant in the room…..Hypocrisy!

Rothpol aka Rik Van hegan has been so kind to give us a post on his sacred blog. Implying, as usual, that this blog has to do with certain Cllrs. Maybe the Cllrs that he obsesses with night and day because frankly if you haven’t a brown complexion and don’t subscribe to the world’s second largest religion then you’re not worth scrutinising. Of course by scrutinising we mean, by their standards; a targeted campaign of hatred.

But sorry guys and gals, I am someone much closer to home than you think Mr Hegan, having been born and bred in Rotherham for the last 65 years, following local politics, I gained an interest in your blog early on but have fallen out of love with it in the last year or two. This is because you Sir, a supposed Socialist have gone from giving a neutral and balanced blog with worthy scrutiny and good grassroots journalism into a biased one sided mouth piece to right-wingers, racists and brain redundant people. Through your personal agenda fueled by your hatred of certain Cllrs you have discredited your blog by allowing these people overtake it. It is now nothing more than a right wing glory hole.

I have just one question for you sir, why have you discredited yourself all for the sake of a personal hatred? look around Sir, you are no longer respected, nobody is interested in you and in fact….your only company is Colin Tawn and co. Need I say more?


7 thoughts on “Don’t mention the Big white elephant in the room…..Hypocrisy!

  1. Steve

    And don’t forget the rabid racist MALCONTENT aka Anthony Richardson who never misses an oppotunity to have a bash at anyone with a different skin tone.

  2. Steve

    This exact quote is from Caven Vines’s ( Rik’s new hero ) last election leaflet –
    “Muslims go to war warring [sic] the same cloths as ordinary people who they hide behind they cover their faces, they hide behind women and children they set up rocket launches in school yards they use children to push wheel barrows into crowds and soldiers then detonate it killing innocent people SO WHO ARE THE COWARDS.
    “Its about time the Government and the Police stopped pandering to these so called British Muslims and other foreign nationals.”

  3. rothpolt2 Post author

    Thank you Jimmy but i’m not much of a sir (from the fairer sex lol). But thank you for your comments, just sharing my observations that are censored elsewhere.

  4. rothpolt2 Post author

    Steve, I did actually want to put Malcontent as he is clearly racist and I don’t use that word lightly. But unsure of who exactly he was. Nonetheless he is worthy of cow sh*t.

    As for Cllr Vines, he also stated the following:

    ‘And move to the Clear vision and bring England Back to being English

    And having one set of Rules and Laws for all and stop Pandering to the Muslim Extreamists

    Time has come to say enough is enough we are fed up of working hard only to be taxed taxed taxed to pay for all these undisrable scrounges and Hate spreading Muslims.’

    ‘Bring England back to being English’……what Cllr Vines needs to do to achieve this is learn the English language and start spelling correctly.


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