Vote UKIP get a Tory!

Observing this photo from a recent post, one notices some ex tory cllrs faces.



Martyn Paker third in from the left and is that John Turner third in from the back right. Also  Brian Cutts is to be standing in Wickersly. Any clarification on this would be appreciated because if this is the case the wider public needs to know that a vote for UKIP is a vote for the Conservatives.



2 thoughts on “Vote UKIP get a Tory!

  1. rothpolt2 Post author

    I have heard the same thing too. There seems to be a lot of ants in political pants around here. P.s. I saw rothpol’s attack on you earlier about clutching at the straws. All because you stated facts about UKIP and BNP not opposing each other. But said nothing to UKIP candidate Rob Sanderson for making vague points. I understand your point as also Rik used to which is evident in the link below. But it seems Rik is now shutting down debate and taking the side of one over all!


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