Two sides of the same coin?


Farage move confirms huge value of “Brand BNP” in working class England

Having spent years parading his “anti-racist” credentials by repeatedly telling the BBC that Ukip has a total ban on accepting members with a ‘BNP past’, Maggie Farage is now standing by a Ukip council candidate in Rotherham despite his extensive links with the BNP and outspoken criticism of Muslims.

Caven Vines is still endorsed by Ukip as its candidate in the Rawmarsh by-election in Rotherham, despite having been heavily involved with the BNP’s Marlene Guest and her fraud-busting Council Watch group.

The local paper has also drawn attention to Mri Vines’ strongly expressed ‘right-wing’ views, which include particularly trenchant attacks on Islam.

This is in contrast to Mr. Farage’s own stated position that he has “no problem with Islam” and could endanger Ukip’s most favoured party status with the heavily pro-Islamic BBC.

So why is Farage making an exception to his ‘no BNP links rule’ in Rotherham. “It’s obvious,” says Nick Griffin.
“Just a few months ago in the Rotherham parliamentary by-election – despite Ukip’s massive City of London-financed campaign war chest, despite all Ukip’s uncritical media support and despite the bogus Ukip adoption couple persecution story cooked up by Labour and Ukip in the town as an election stunt – the BNP’s vote in the town help steady enough for us to beat the Tories and the LibDems combined.
“Quite simply, in Rotherham, and indeed in vast swathes of working class England, ‘Brand BNP’ is hugely popular.

In order to tap into that popularity, Farage is playing dog-whistle politics with the electorate.

“By refusing to sack Caven Vines he’s sending out the coded message ‘Don’t worry folks, Ukip secretly agrees with the BNP, but as we’re more subtle about our position the BBC haven’t noticed so we’re not smeared so much so we’ve got a better chance of winning’.

It’s cynical and dishonest, as you have to expect from Farage, but it’s likely to be effective for the time being.
“But it won’t last,” smiles Mr. Griffin, who has a remarkable record for getting such predictions right.

“Ukip is a bubble created by the media. When Labour realise that they are a threat to them as well as to the Tories, the BBC will change its tune.

Even more significant is the case of Anna-Marie Crampton, the Ukip candidate in East Sussex sacked yesterday for discussing the Rothschilds and Zionism on the Internet.

Her lightening-fast removal will of course have satisfied Rupert Murdoch and the other big business sharks both promoting and funding Ukip.

But the incident is a taste of things to come. Ukip will involve new people who have not previously been political. Once the Establishment’s cynical promotion of Ukip starts them thinking, it will put a significant number of them on a web-driven conveyor belt of radicalisation.

“It’s but a short step from hearing about Common Purpose from someone at the back of a Ukip meeting to uncovering a world of inconvenient truth, anti-Zionism, the banking swindle, the New World Order and even more paradigm-shifting facts and conspiracy theories.

“Thus, far from leading pro-nationalist and anti-Establishment ideas and activists into a blind alley, Ukip is actually playing a historically crucial role in the political awakening of a whole new generation of grass-roots radicals.

And, once Ukip’s bubble has burst, these people will be there to be incorporated into our efforts.

“Once Murdoch and the others realise that their support for Ukip is actually creating not a safety valve, but a growing grass-roots network of people who know the score, they will start to wonder if they’ve not been too clever by half.

Our time will come!”


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