The hilarious truth behind ex-cllr. A man of morals or a man of opportunism?

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Peter Thirlwall a contributor to RothPol (Rotherham Politics).  Why is he so anti Labour?  To understand the reason for this Rotherham Bradford Politics has to explain the history of this man within the local Political arena.  That means telling the story from the beginning.


Peter Thirlwall worked for Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council for many years.  He was also a Labour Party Member and is an ex-Labour Councillor.  So that makes him one up on his friend, the author of RothPol Rik Van Hegan who failed dismally to be Democratically Elected by Swinton Labour Party Members to represent them in the fight to be a Councillor in 1998 (Rik has not yet dared to deny this but sidetracks the issue by making moans and  complaints about RothBradPol).

So you may be asking, considering Peter Thirlwall was once loyal to the Labour Party and is an ex-Labour Councillor why the sudden change from Love to Hate of everything that is Labour?  Now that is a most excellent Question!

Such a conundrum is easy to solve.  Peter Thirlwall can be likened to a child that seems to be having a sustained tantrum and is continually throwing his toys out of his pram. Many Councillors honorably retire after serving their Community. Sometimes they do this so they may pursue another area of interest in their lives and that is commendable.  However for Peter Thirlwall this was not the case; our ex-Councillor did not retire with honors from the privileged position of a Labour Councillor.  No Peter Thirlwall left the Labour Party and subsequently the Office of Labour Councillor after a disciplinary investigation into the complaint of ‘Bullying a fellow Councillor’.  My sources tell me that the Labour Party holds the concept of mutual Respect and do not in any way tolerate Bullying within the ranks.  However the Labour Party would rather resolve matters in a way that creates peace and harmony for all concerned.  With that intention in mind they gave Peter Thirlwall an option of which he declined.  A Gentleman’s option and that was to apologize to the Councillor concerned; he refused.   Peter Thirlwell knew exactly what that may mean for him; the increased possibility of expulsion from the Labour Party so he took the only option an arrogant man can take and that was to leave.  All Rotherham Politics can say is thank goodness that Peter Thirlwell was not under the administration of the Roman Empire and its Senate; because the only way one kept honor (or indeed a stubborn arrogance) and property within the family was to enter a warm bath and open ones wrists.  So the Labour Party cannot be so bad Peter, can it?

What was next for Peter Thirlwall; he most certainly did not want to give up the Political Arena within Rotherham.  In 2010 he stood as a Parliamentary Candidate and guess who was supporting him as his agent yes Rik Van Hegan.


Now what was the reason Mr Peter Thirlwall gave to potential voters in 2010 as to the reason why he left  the Labour Party:

liar peter

Now who is being economical with the truth!  Naughty or what!  The public Peter deserve to know the truth.  Where did all this plain speaking go of which I heard you claim as one of your strengths?

Unfortunately for him he did not fare well, in fact he was humiliated (Should have got a better Agent Peter). Peter Thirlwall got less votes (a little more than 2300 votes) than most Councillors get in local elections.

In conclusion we now have at least two proven individuals with absolute hatred and resentment for the Labour Party.  Why?  Not because the Labour Party mistreated Rik Van Hegan or indeed Peter Thirlwall.  No not at all; what did happen was the process of elimination, that is all.  In that both were sooner or later identified as not being 1. team players and 2. selfishly looking out for their own ambitions/interests which logically cannot be conducive to the aims of any Political Party, except maybe the Respect Party.  Neither were expelled from the Labour Party; they chose their own path!

Rotherham Bradford Politics does not view this article as Malicious gossip; in that the information is solid and if Peter Thirlwall would like to challenge this in a court of law; then  Rotherham Bradford Politics would be happy to supply witnesses to contradict Mr Thirlwall’s claims of slander.  However Arrogant Peter Thirlwall may have been in the past I doubt that he would like to add in the present ‘Fool’ to his name.

Who will be next …………………?


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