The Daily Mail appreciation society?

Here is a photo of the UKIP candidates in this years local elections. A band of merry men (and two women)?


Your comments would be welcomed on UKIP’s offer to the electorate. After all, we do live in a representative democracy and what is more representative of modern Britain and Rotherham than a bunch of mostly white male middle class 50’60 somethings eh?


4 thoughts on “The Daily Mail appreciation society?

  1. Steve

    And to top it all, they’ve got 2 ex Tory Cllrs who were booted out by the electorate, Turner and Parker.

  2. Martin Hickman

    For anyone who boasts they would never vote Tory but actually Voted UK try reading the small print and stop being so gullible

    UKIP is far to the Right of even the David “Child of Thatcher” Cameron Conservatives busily breaking Britain.

    Dream for the wealthy few.
    Abolish the 40p and 50p income tax rates ¬¬charged on higher earners so everybody paid a flat 31p, including National Insurance.
    That means low wages earners would have to pay the same rate of tax as a banker, barrister or business tycoon.

    Proposes abolishing NI contributions levied on Company’s but continue to take NI Contributions from Workers. This would mean £50 billion plus rollover for the rich
    The hole left in the budget would be large enough to swallow every school, college and university.
    Talking of schools, I notice Ukip advocates the 2005 Tory election-losing idea of school vouchers.
    Parents paying private fees to educate their little Nigel would happily bank a subsidy from taxpayers.

    But hardly a priority for public spending when the elderly are crying out for decent care and the living standards of low and middle earners fall like a stone.
    Ukip leader Nigel Farage, a former member of the Tory party, pitching his vehicle as a champion of blue collar Britain is the biggest con since thatcher’s claimed to care about working class people.

    End Paid holidays for British workers and a little job protection. As he see this as imposed from those nasty Europeans
    Ukip’s triumphant second in the Eastleigh by-election will prove the party’s downfall if it wilts under the harsh spotlight of scrutiny.

    Posturing as an anti-politics party is fraudulent when its MEPs grow fat on the Euro gravy train, two of Ukip’s former men in Brussels jailed for fiddling expenses.
    There’s nothing patriotic about a divisive party that would unleash destructive shock economics.
    Ukip is Tory-plus, whipping up ¬immigration fears to pursue polices the Conservative Party’s own extremists drool over.

    Would Ukip be good for working class Britain? About as much as administering arsenic for a person recovering from an illness


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