Council United in bid to ban EDL! Whose streets? Our Streets!

Councillors voted unanimously to condemn the English Defence League ahead of it’s planned national demo in Rotherham on May the 10th. Cllr Brian Steele rightly proposed an emergency motion on the matter. The EDL are a renowned fascist, racist group set upon targeting Muslims. A debate on the EDL could go on forever and a day but ultimately they are a neo-fascist and racist group who are terrorists but won’t be labelled so because they are white and non-muslim. Their demonstration in Rotherham cost us the tax payer £800,000 last time in 2012 and this is expected to be anything up to an estimate of £1.6 million this time. Cllrs Steele, Akhtar, Kaye, Hussain and Ahmed spoke on the motion as well as Tory group leader Cllr gilding. Congratulations to all the council and all Cllrs of all parties and independents for voting in the Town’s interests. A good piece on this is available in this weeks tiser.


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